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S.A.S. Group partnering with Cisco System to build ’Guangzhou Smart City'
The MOU signing ceremony with Cisco partners Cisco (Guangzhou) Smart City took place in Guangzhou Panyu Changlong Hotel on 24 April 2018. The S.A.S. Group together with 11 local and global partners signed cooperation agreement ally with Cisco, to form a new driving force for the joint development of Cisco (Guangzhou) Smart City. Worldwide internet solutions provider Cisco Systems has started a smart city project in Panyu district of Guangzhou.
The project will help Guangzhou's industry upgrade and economic development, and will also help the city transform into an international hub for technology and innovation. The project aims at cultivating strategic emerging industries, such as IoT (internet of things) biology and healthcare,  advanced machinery, new energy vehicles, renewable energy, environmental protection and energy conservation,etc.
The Project brought together Cisco with S.A.S. Group  and local and global partners for promoting the development, incubation and execution of Cisco (Guangzhou) Smart City Project.

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