S.A.S. Dragon has an over 100-strong professional R & D team comprising the cream of the crop in industrial design, and research and development. These experts co-operate closely with suppliers and clients to shape total solutions for each new generation of electronic products. Design solutions created by S.A.S. Dragon can today be found in a wide variety of products, including audio, video, mobile phone, computer and telecommunications industries. The Group has the ability to provide total solutions for any application, for any manufacturer, in any field, at any time.

Always abreast of the latest technological development, the design team is primed to quickly track and select the best components and integrate them into a wide range of product possibilities. The Group's research efforts on possible applications of TFT panels, for example, translated into new solutions for products such as portable DVD players, digital cameras, mobile phones and LCD televisions. Its work on the potential of MCUs also evolved into effective applications for security systems, toys, home appliances, and telecommunications devices.
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