The Group's major suppliers are located in countries that lead the world in electronics technologies, such as the United States, Korea, Japan and Taiwan. Those suppliers are major manufacturers of electronic components and semiconductors for consumer, computer, communication and mobile phone market. S.A.S. Dragon is constantly looking to forge ties with new suppliers who can facilitate the expansion of its product portfolio and allow it to offer the most advanced and sophisticated total solution services.

S.A.S. Dragon enjoys a huge diversified customer base spread over China, the Asian region, and beyond. The Group offers a comprehensive suite of customer services that include providing value-added support services. It operates an efficient logistics system incorporating both Just In Time (JIT) material control services and Supplier Managed Inventory (SMI) for hub management services. The Group has also established a separate import/export company for customers in China that provides delivery services and assists in the submission of customs declarations between Hong Kong to China and in the issue of Value-added Tax (VAT) invoices for domestic sales orders.
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