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About S.A.S. Dragon Holdings Ltd. (Stock Code: 1184)


Established since 1981 and listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in 1994. S.A.S. GROUP IS A LEADING ELECTRONIC SUPPLY CHAIN SERVICES PROVIDER IN THE GREATER CHINA REGION. The Group specialises in design, development, sourcing, quality assurance and logistics management of global proprietary electronic components and semiconductor products including chipset solutions, display panels, memory chips, power supply system solutions, multimedia system solutions, PEMCO, IoT home automation solutions, light-emitting diode (“LED”) lighting solutions and other premier solutions for a wide range of applications for mobile, consumer electronic, computer and networking, telecommunication and LED lighting products. The Group is also a distributor of innovative environmental-friendly lifestyle enhancement finished products under  and our owned brands of ,and  in the Asia Pacific region. S.A.S. Group serves more than 100 famous semiconductor suppliers and over 10,000 customers such as electronics manufacturing services (“EMS”) providers, original equipment manufacturers, original design manufacturers, valued-added resellers, retailers and end customers and has more than 20 sales offices in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Japan.

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